Kim Dave is an independent women's clothing and accessories label influenced by heritage of south Nigeria. Bold prints, colours and silhouettes are common features on Kim Dave garments. Each piece in the last three collections are made to order in London, U.K. Please allow up to two weeks processing time for your order.

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Review of the week

  • The Kolanut Print

    Kolanuts are commonly found and eaten at traditional Nigerian events. This is prayed over by the eldest person in the room and shared to all present.

    The kolanut print was custom made and used to create clothing and accessories available to purchase.

  • Coming Soon

    The highly anticipated summer 2022 collection launches in a matter of weeks online. This collection is inspired by the concept of knowing oneself. From family to culture, Roots explores the Urhobo culture from south Nigeria. The collection features neutral tones side along hues of the ocean, blues and greens.

  • Join The Kim Dave Course

    Enrol and learn how to sew online on the beginner friendly Kim Dave course. The programme cover core sewing foundation topics like how to take your own measurements, sewing terminologies, tools needed to make sewing patterns and how to create basic sewing patterns.

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