Contemporary fashion inspired by South Nigeria

Designed & Made In Britain

All the garments were designed in house at our London studio and produced by local artisans.

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one of a kind

Kolanut Print

'He who brings kolanut, brings life’.

Kolanuts are served at traditional events in south Nigeria and the custom kolanut print is a signature of the brand.


Orua means family in Urhobo. This fun and colourful collection reminds us of the values & memories we gain from our families (whether the one you are born into, married into or a friendship grown into family-like bond)


Ame is Urhobo translation of water. The Urhobos live very close to, and sometimes in boats on the Niger river. Most of their histories, mythologies, philosophies are water-related. Water represents the source of care and wealth in Urhobo culture.


Homage to the Niger Delta in Nigeria, which produces crude oil/wealth for the nation but still in poverty.


The Story

Kim Dave is a U.K. based contemporary women's wear & accessories label. 

Inspired by the culture and lifestyle of the Urhobo tribe in southern Nigeria.