“I wanted a medium where I could connect my love for colour,
voluminous shapes and my experiences of growing up in Southern
Nigeria with the hope that someone else would relate to this”.

Our story so far

At Kim Dave, we relate to the discouragement, or lack of self-belief you may face as you anchor towards the purpose of your life. Our founder, Priscillia Okpan, born and bred in Nigeria, studied to become a microbiologist in her early career journey. However, after making a spontaneous and rather brave decision to move to London on her own to study fashion, she spent her time outside of her fashion studies to work in retail. Whilst adjusting to a new world and taking a new career direction, she used her savings from her fashion retail career to fund Kim Dave ready to wear. The luxury fashion brand was born in 2019, with the founder and designer going live with the first collection “Festival” in October 2019.

Kim Dave creates sustainable fashion that make people feel chic, sophisticated, and glamorous. Each garment is meticulously crafted in small quantities using high-quality materials.  Wearing a Kim Dave piece means embracing the rich cultural heritage of Southern Nigeria. While this region has long been associated with civil unrest and poverty, we aim to showcase the depth of Nigerian culture that often goes unnoticed. Our designs are imbued with stories from the Urhobo tribe and life experiences of the Founder, Priscillia Okpan. These tales are woven into every tailored piece, reflecting the essence of our heritage.

Empowering all genders, sizes, and backgrounds to feel like a
work-of-art and become a part of our story, in their everyday lives.

Our Values
We offer sustainable luxury which make women feel chic,
sophisticated, and glamorous.

For questions or enquiries, kindly send an email to kimdavedesigns@gmail.com