Birthday Picnic Featuring The Kolanut Scarf

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Kim Dave Kolanut Scarf

My birthday is 16th August, and I decided to host a few friends for a small birthday picnic. The weather was really warm since it's peak summer time. The dress code of the intimate event was a touch of pink. 

the social set up luxe picnic

For my look, I chose to style the Kolanut scarf as a top and a matching head tie. This was the perfect way to wear some pink, enjoy the warm weather and have a memorable day with friends.

kim dave picnic

Kim Dave Birthday Picnic

Kim dave and friends

the social setup

Picnic Setup by The Social Setup

the social setup

the social setup

Patisserie Valerie

Birthday Cake from Patisserie Valerie

Kim dave birthday picnic

Kolanut Scarf available in two sizes. Shop scarf here

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