Celebrating Love

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The concept of love was first introduced to me in church when I was younger, and over the years I have experienced love in different forms. Some times, it came through a friend, relative or even a total stranger. 

Whenever Valentine's is around the corner, companies are quick to add red roses and all things related to romance to their marketing to entice, and possibly inspire thoughts of love through the month of February.

Personally, I feel love should be celebrated everyday. Not just reserved for one day a year. Life is way too short to hold back on a beautiful experience like love. Another point is the fact that romantic love is just one of many types of love one can feel. 

If there is something last year taught us all well is how fleeting life is. So, express your love in whatever healthy form to the people in your life while you can. A day will come when you can no longer do this.

As we count down to February 14th, let's be vocal and expressive of our love for our parents, siblings, lovers, partner, pets, friends e.t.c.

With that said, how will you be celebrating love this week? 
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