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When we received the confirmation that we would be working with creative Nigerian hijab model and makeup artist Zainab, I was so thrilled. She is such a positive and beautiful person, and knew she would absolutely shine in this feature.

Here's the sit down interview we had with her

Hello Zainab, thank you for your time and deciding to be part of this feature. 

1) Can you please tell us where you are from?
I'm from Nigeria, based In London at the moment.

2) What do you do?
I'm a freelance creative, pro MUA, part time model and creative director.

3) Who influenced you growing up?  
My culture, identity and the different people I encountered in my life.

4) I really admire your style and effortless makeup, do you have anyone who inspires your style?
King Mali Magic (Mali Thomas) is my number one inspiration for my makeup style. I love how she makes brown girls so effortlessly gorgeous whilst emphasizing the beauty of brown skin. 

5) Do you think the fashion industry has done enough with representation in fashion?
There is always room for more representation. The scale has always been way off but I do recognise the effort that have been made and designers like yourself are doing are doing an amazing job.

6) Where would you shop for your clothes when you have somewhere special to go?
I usually like bespoke pieces so I would go to a dressmaker or tailor.

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  • Wow, So Cute 😍 I really Love Her Coz I’m Bahaushe like her🥰

    A S Lawan on

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