Self Care Routines You Can Do This Weekend

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The temptation to forget the importance of taking care of one's self is real. If you have a hectic daily or weekly schedule, then planning in some time for yourself when possible is so necessary. You don't have to book an expensive spa day, you can do simple things from the comfort of your home.

Here are my top five self care activities you can try out. 

1) Take a long bath

Taking a long bath can really be relaxing after a long day/week. Use your favourite shower gel or bath bomb to maximize the experience.

2) Meditate or Pray

I do believe the body, mind and soul are connected. So, having a moment to mediate or pray daily aligns you on a deeper level.

3) Cook a delicious meal

When you have a moment to spare, cooking a meal for yourself or a loved one can be therapeutic. Find a recipe you've wanted to try and give it a go.

4) Journaling

Writing out your thoughts have been proven to ease the mind. It doesn't have to be tidy or organised. Just getting it out can be so helpful sometimes.

5) Homemade masks

With ingredients like avocado, honey or cucumber, you can make an easy homemade face mask for yourself. This way you are giving your face some love too in the process.

Which of these routines have you done? 
Share any more self care tips you know in the comments section below.



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