Why You Should Invest In Outerwear

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If you live in a temperate country like Britain, then surely you experience the four seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Having appropriate wardrobe to suit these seasons become a must. Now that we are getting into Autumn proper it means one thing for sure, time to cozy up with layers. 

Having jumpers, scarves and outerwear become a necessity to survive the harsh cold seasons. So why should you invest in outerwear? The typical winter season spill into some of the Spring weeks and the end of Summer usually feels colder & wetter than what it was few years ago. It is colder for more months than usual.

All thanks to global warming.

Also having a great outerwear adds some personality to your outfit while keeping you warm. You can opt for fun colours and details to get you visually excited even when the weather is grey outside.

Here are two outerwear options in the new collection that tick the boxes of functionality and style.

The Akpevwe Blazer Dress

This mini blazer dress is made in 100% wool and has a statement sleeve silhouette that will keep your cozy. It also has two front pockets. See more details here 

The Tarhe Bomber

This oversize rounded bomber is a piece for those who love something unique and bold. Find out more here 


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