Spring Essentials

Spring Essentials

Hope you’ve all been well?

As the year progresses, temperatures will gradually start to rise and this will inevitably affect our wardrobes. Since I grew up in a warm tropical country, I personally prefer the Spring/Summer seasons of the year. Pretty dresses, shorts and tank tops are soon going to be the order of the day!

In this post, I will be sharing a few essential fashion items that will make your transitioning into Spring a smooth ride.

1) Mine' Slip Dress

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Spring Styles We Are Loving

Spring Styles We Are Loving

Spring is around the corner, and we are excited about it.

Here are some fun style inspiration with pieces from the brand.

1) Assumpta in the Kiagbodo midi skirt

2) Priscillia in the Burutu Dungaree

3) Priscillia in Ekpan Denim Dress

4) Priscillia in the Jakpa Shirt

Mother's day 2021 Wishlist

Mother's day 2021 Wishlist

Mother's day in the U.K. is Sunday March 14th 2021, and we have rounded up some great gift ideas for your mother, a friend or yourself who's a mother. Check them out below.

1) Omote Robe

satin robes

2)Kiagbodo skirt

3) Kolanut tops

4) Kolanut scarf

black print fleece scarf...</p>

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We Want Your Useful Feedback

We Want Your Useful Feedback

Hello babes.

Hope you are having a lovely week. If you have a moment, please share your feedback with us if you've shopped from the brand in the comments section below. Here are a few guidelines we are hoping you will give us feedback;

Do you prefer dress over jumpsuits in the summer?

Do you are about fabric composition when you shop online?

What is your monthly shopping budget?

Do you prefer plain colours or prints?

Would you prefer to customise your Kim Dave piece?

Do you care about product packaging/presentation?

Should we add more sizes to...

Celebrating Love

Celebrating Love

If there is something last year taught us all well is how fleeting life is. So, express your love in whatever healthy form to the people in your life while you can. A day will come when you can no longer do this.